Global Graphite Market Outlook 2024: Global Opportunity and Demand Analysis, Market Forecast, 2016-2024

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Global Graphite Market Outlook
Market Overview
Graphite is a form of carbon that finds usage in various industries like steel, electronics, energy and automotive. Owing to its excellent physical and chemical properties like light weightedness, high mechanical strength, thermal resistance and lubrication, and chemical inertness, graphite has witnessed increasing utility across industries in recent years. This has lead to considerable growth in the industry.
Available in natural as well as synthetic form, graphite finds major applications in the steel and automotive industries. In the automotive industry, graphite is used in gaskets, clutch materials and brake pads. Growth in this industry has propelled growth in the graphite market as well.
Graphite is also instrumental in equipment like pebble bed nuclear reactors, heat exchangers and is increasingly being used as a replacement for asbestos in automotives.
In the steel industry, graphite electrodes are used for smelting in Electric Arc Furnaces. However, the slump in the steel industry in recent times has negatively impacted the market for graphite globally. As per the US Geological Survey, China is the biggest supplier and exporter of natural graphite. The recent economic slowdown in China impacted global supply and further stagnated growth in the graphite market.
Market Segmentation
• On the basis of Product Type
o Natural Graphite
o Synthetic Graphite
• On the basis of Application
o Steel
? Refractory
? Lubrication
? Foundry
? Crucible
o Energy (Photovoltaic and others)
o Electronics
o Automotive
• By Region
o North America (US, Canada) {Market Share (%), Market Size (USD Million), Import & Export (Units)}
o Europe (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Rest of Europe) {Market Share (%), Market Size (USD Million), Import & Export (Units)}
o Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries, North Africa, South Africa and Rest of Middle East & Africa) {Market Share (%), Market Size (USD Million), Import & Export (Units)}
o Latin America (Brazil, Mexico and Rest of Latin America) {Market Share (%), Market Size (USD Million), Import & Export (Units)}
o Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Rest of Asia-Pacific) {Market Share (%), Market Size (USD Million), Import & Export (Units)}
o Rest of the World {Market Share (%), Market Size (USD Million), Import & Export (Units)}
Market Size and Forecast (2016-2024)
The global market for graphite was valued at an estimated USD 16 billion in 2016. On the back of increasing usage across various industries, the market is expected to witness a CAGR of 3.7% over the forecast period and reach a valuation of approximately USD 21.4 billion by 2024.
Usage of graphite in batteries is the major source of demand for graphite compared to all other applications. This can be attributed to the global rise in usage of batteries and electronic articles.
Among the types of synthetic graphite, graphite flakes are said to enjoy the highest demand compared to other types. On the other hand, the vein sub segment within the natural graphite segment is expected to witness the robust growth over the forecast period.
Geographically, the Asia Pacific region holds the largest market share for graphite in terms of revenue. The region is also expected to witness the highest growth compared to all other regions in the forecast period. This can be attributed to the rapid industrialization and development of the automotive industry in the region.
Key Drivers
Globally there has been a rise in usage of electronic equipment, including electric vehicles. This can be attributed to increased environmental concerns and government regulations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This has lead to a rise in the demand for batteries, a major application segment of the graphite market. Further, lithium-ion batteries are gaining popularity. These batteries require sizeable amounts of graphite in their manufacturing, thereby increasing demand for graphite.
Rise in the global green energy market and increased application in the automotive sector are other factors that will drive demand for graphite over the forecast period.
The recent slowdown of the steel industry, accompanied by the slump in the Chinese economy, the world’s largest supplier of graphite, has adversely affected the growth in the graphite market.
Key Players
• Graphite India
o Synopsis
o Business Strategy
o Product Portfolio
o SWOT Analysis
• SGL Group
• Showa Denko
• Graphite India Ltd.
• Triton Minerals Ltd.
• Mason Graphite, Inc.
• Tokai Carbon Co. Ltd.
• GrafTech International Holdings Inc.
• Alabama Graphite Corp.
• Syrah Resources Ltd.
• Nippon Graphite Industries
• HEG Ltd.
• AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.
• Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd.
• Lamboo Resources Ltd.
Scope Background
Market Synopsis
Market Segmentation
Global Graphite market is segmented as follows:
• By Product Type (Market Size, Demand Analysis and Growth Analysis)
• By Application Type (Market Size, Demand Analysis and Growth Analysis)
Global Graphite Market Report covered insights of below mentioned regions:
• North America (U.S., Canada) {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}
• Latin America (Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Rest of Latin America) {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}
• Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, France, The U.K., Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Rest of Europe) {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}
• Asia-Pacific (China, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Rest of Asia Pacific) {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}
• Middle East and North Africa (MENA) {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}
• Rest of World {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}

Market Dynamics: Growth Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities
• Risk Factors
• Regional Variations
• Recent Trends and Developments
Key Market Players
• Synopsis
• Business Strategy
• Product Portfolio
• SWOT Analysis
Porter’s Five Force Model
Market Landscape: Competition and Beyond
Market outlook for business players and entry level players to ascertain their business in dynamic ecosystem
Expert Analysis
Concluding Remarks

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